Warning Signs You Should Not Ignore from Your Belts and Hoses

If the belts or hoses are going to fail on your vehicle, they usually give very clear warning signs. Here are a few things to look out for when these two are failing, as recommended by the Glendora Hyundai auto parts and service team.

The belts have to be able to power the radiator fan or water pump, and when they fail so do those parts. If the belts are failing, you will hear a squealing, or the belts will appear the be fraying and tearing apart. The radiator hoses allow engine coolant to travel from the radiator to engine and back. The clamps could be corroded and allow the hoses to leak. The hoses could have soft spots, be bloated, or have cracking and splitting on the surface. If any of these persist, the hoses could burst anytime.

Take your car to our Glendora, CA dealership so we can inspect the belts and hoses and replace any that may appear to be failing.

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